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Our Stores

LampStudio at Kecskemét

Our shop in Kecskemét has been operating since 1991. In August 2001 we were able to create our new showroom at Jókai Str. 16. The shop is easily accessible, on the right side of the road-street leading from Budapest to the center of Kecskemét, mostly with satisfactory parking facilities. We try to present the unique and exclusive products in the right environment, with high quality service.
With this business we have always tried to create a “main Studio”, where with the help of our colleagues everyone can find the most pleasing, lighting solution. We encourage architects and interior designers to approach us with more challenges, so that we can make more dreams come true by thinking together. The most important thing is that we deliver what the designer/customer has dreamed of, and that no compromises are made during construction.
Managing the production with great attention to customer needs are the guarantees that we will serve you to your full satisfaction. Remember, the products presented can be varied according to individual needs, of course within the framework of technical and standardization solvability, both in terms of size, performance, light source, color, etc.
In our shop you can find luminaires of other high-quality manufacturers in addition to our own products.
• We present the crystal products of the Austrian company “Swarovski” and our luminaires made using them.
• We are trying to keep up with the rapid development of Led technologies, which is why among our products many products are already made with Led light sources. In this case, we’re installing “LED sticks”, guaranteeing quality in the long term.
• Variations of alabaster-dome luminaires, German-made imitating alabaster with polycarbonate domes.

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Project office at Budapest

In addition, we have a new showroom in Budapest where after prior consultation we can meet, and discuss our future collaboration.
Address : 1071 Hungary Budapest district VII. Dózsa György str. 40.
However, this Shop is acting as a project office only, so it requires prior consultation to meet us here.

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